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Membrane Waterproofing

Is water penetrating your homes foundation walls, giving you a leaky basement? We have the solution for you with our Waterproofing membrane system

Exterior Waterproofing Systems

The first step in waterproofing a foundation or exterior slab, is to fully expose the concrete foundation wall down to the footing.

Once the foundation wall has been fully exposed, we then pressure wash the surace clean of all dirt and oils to esure that our membrane system will adhere to the concrete surface.

We then examine the concrete surface for exessive deep cracks or large cavities in the concrete. If they are found, we then parge the cavities with a high-strngth 40 mpa parging cement to seal the holes.

Once all excessive cavitiesare parged, we then apply a coating of our waterproofing membrane system from the footing at the base of the foundation wall to the top of the wall at ground level.

As the initial coating of waterproofing membrane is tacky to the touch, we then apply a fibre-glass reinforcement fabric to the membrane, which will bind the initial coating of membrane to the finish membrane coat. We then allow to dry for 24 - 48 hours.

Once the first coat is dry, we then apply the second coating of waterproofing membrane, again fro the footing to ground level of the foundation wall.

Exterior foundation walls, or slabs membrane systems are always the first step before installing a drainage system.

NOTE: Waterproofing membrane system is availble for both foundation walls for homes and commcerial buildings as well as between slabs for underground parking lots. Both luiquid applied and torch on waterproofing ststems are available.

Interior Waterproofing Systems

To stop leaks from the inside of your basement or parkade. We use high-density crystalizing cementious compound.

The process of stopping water from leaking in from the interior of a wall, is first to locate the leak areas, then grind the cracks open to allow for the application our crystalizing cementious compound.

Once the cracks are widened the compound is applied and dried.

We have succesfully stopped leaks from foundation walls in homes as well as underground parking lots and elevator shafts.

Sample pictures of our Commcerial Waterproofing Service

Removing old existing membrane from concrete pad
Removing Old Membrane
Removing Old Membrane

Pressure washing concrete pad
Pressure Washing Concrete Slab

Membrane applied
Waterproofing Membrane Applied
Waterproofing Membrane Applied Pool Deck
Waterproofing Membrane Protection Coating

Sample pictures of our Residential Waterproofing Service

Pressure washing foundation wall
Pressure Washing Foundation Wall

Waterproofing membrane applied to foundation wall
Waterproofing on Home Foundation Wall
Waterproofed Home Foundation Wall

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